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Last week, Vicki and I were invited to attend United Wholesale Mortgage’s very first success track training at their office in Troy, Michigan. The 4-day training was an opportunity for us to brush up on our loan officer skills, network with other industry professionals and experience UWM culture first hand

Expect the Unexpected at UWM

Unlike most corporate environments, UWM prides itself on having a vibrant, innovative culture. This is something that is evident from the hallways filled with bright colors to the collaborative work spaces the office features. Another great thing about UWM is the onsite amenities and activities they have. These include an onsite gym, doctors office, cafeteria and Starbucks.

We also had the chance to participate in some of the office activities during our stay. Our favorite activity was the weekly dance party UWM has every Thursday afternoon at 3pm.

 A Little Competition Never Hurt Anybody


In addition to a great training program, group competitions were a fun, interactive way for us to learn. Each of the challenges tested our skills in a variety of ways, from applying our loan program knowledge to presenting in front of the class. The challenges used real world hurdles and gave us a chance to collaborate with our classmates.

This was a benefit because it allowed brokers to share their experiences and learn from others when they had not experienced that problem before.

The Most Important Thing We Learned: Be Confident


Often, being confident is easier said than done. But sometimes, all you need is someone to give you the tools to feel confident.

Success Track gave us confidence by:

  • reviewing our knowledge of basic mortgage topics
  • talking in depth about complicated topics (such as ARM’s and loan pricing)
  • giving us essential marketing tools and tutorials
  • allowing us to network and learn from industry professionals

During our stay it was evident, that UWM not only cares about its employees, but also the mortgage brokers they partner with. We are thrilled we were able to be part of the first Success Track training and are so thankful to UWM for their hospitality during our stay.

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