Mortgage Explorers – The Company That Helped Put My Family and I in a Beautiful Home


A testimonial we received from Daniel Smith and his family. We are so happy that we were able to help them purchase a beautiful new home!

Mortgage Explorers. The company that helped put my family and I in a beautiful home and neighborhood.

This all began last January or around then.  Our neighbor, bless her heart, was moving.  She said she bought a house!  We were really glad for her, but I said to myself, I wish we could get one.  At the time, I thought we were years away from making a major purchase.  Then, our neighbor said, “You should call Matt Brown.  He’ll help you.” I said okay and she gave me his number, I was skeptical.

One day, I decided to call Matt.  I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt I didn’t have anything to lose by talking to him.  After our first meeting, Matt was very confident that my wife and I could purchase a house, I was skeptical.  After a few meetings and reviewing our finances with Matt, he said, “You can buy a house.”  I was skeptical.  After a few more phone calls and meetings with Matt, then with Vicki Lintemuth, we were told to go look for a house, we were pre-approved for a mortgage loan.  I could not believe it!  I was still skeptical.

After searching for a while and unable to find what we wanted, my wife suggested that we build.  I didn’t think it was within our budget and/or knowledge to have one built through a local builder, but, bless her heart too, she did a lot of research and figured it was the best way to go for us.  Again, I was skeptical.  We discussed this with Matt and Vicki and after a few meetings, phone calls, financial cleaning, budgeting, forecasting, etc., Matt said to us, “You can go build a house.”  I was VERY skeptical, but I left it in the Lord’s hands and we continued doing what Matt instructed us to do.  We met with a wonderful salesman from Mayberry Homes, located a lot, selected plans, and began to plan on building, purchasing, and moving into a house.  Of course, I was skeptical.

After the plans were set, construction began.  Slowly, I began to lose some of that skepticism and although the house was going up in front of my eyes, I continued to think that something would come along and dash my hopes.  All the while Matt, Vicki, and my wife kept encouraging, instructing, and calming me.

Then, closing day was upon us!  The house was finished.  It was a beautiful sight to see.  The kids loved it.  My wife loved it, however, I continued to have the slight feeling of skepticism.  The closing went through without any problems and that day, we received the keys to our new home!!

Mortgage Explorers made this happen for my wife, me, and my family.  I am forever in gratitude for what they did for us.  Not only did they help us get what I never thought I would ever have, they walked us through the process from the day I called, to after closing.  I don’t think any major bank or mortgage institution would have had such a personal connection with customers making such a major purchase and adjustment in their lives like.  Only Mortgage Explorers offered that.

So again, thank you Matt and Vicki at Mortgage Explorers for our blessing!


Daniel Smith

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