New! Lock Your Interest Rate While You Shop

Today we would like to highlight a nice option for those that haven’t found a house yet. We call it the Lock & Shop.

11.06.18 Lock-&-Shop

How Lock and Shop Works

1) Contact Us – To schedule your free loan consultation. We will discuss your different loan options and will recommend a product based on your unique needs.
2) Get Pre-Approved! – We gather some financial information such as your W2s and your credit report. This allows us to verify your income, your current loans, and your credit score.
3) Payment Calculations – We jointly determine a payment you would be comfortable with and set a debt-to-income ratio that fits.
4) Property Value – We plug in the numbers and determine the value of a property.
5) We Lock Your Rate – So there are no surprises when you find a property that works.
6) Go Shopping – Once you find your dream home we will work with you to process the final paperwork.

The ability to shop with a pre-approval, knowing what your interest rate is going to be gives you peace of mind. This benefit is just one of the advantages of working with Mortgage Explorers. We offer the best service in the industry and certainly in the mid-michigan area. Our loan programs cover the full gamut of options: FHA for those with some credit challenges, Home-Ready for low down payments, VA for Veterans, USDA for those with lower incomes needing 0% down payments.

Are you ready to find your dream home in six simple steps? Contact us today to get started!

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